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Before the season, the cincinnati bengals jerseys cheap tigers of the new season, it seems that the world of "brick house" are not optimistic, including me. Imagine a season just enters the playoff team, a few reinforcement for the free market, pre draft two pick seems to be difficult to bring to the team with the cut front immediately, so the offseason, how can we feel confident? With the crow and the Steelers stable dominance, "riding" is my focus to predict the prospects of the tiger in the new season.

But new season has been one-third Wholesale Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys, compared to the crows lost souls and Steelers injuries, that five tiger wins become the League is few remain unbeaten team, they sail against the current not "retreat" to "into" has become the best reason to rule the partition. This season why they are so strong, the reason why is not a superstar searing eyeballs, offensive and defensive routines unique, but of the stability and balance of the team's most surprising, at the moment is suddenly unlighted, turned out to be tiger in recent years, the construction team for this season's outbreak laid a solid foundation. This article is with your analysis of the tigers' philosophy of team building.

Throughout the history of the tigers, built only 48 years, only 13 seasons into the playoffs, has never won the super bowl, ah, so that is really a little history of the team. But if you want to ask who is the first person in history to attack the west coast? Who was the first to be proficient in the non - Polymer attack? The answer is an unexpected tiger. Great Paul - coach Brown led the China Cheap Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys Nameplates Wholesale in the 1940s and 1950s reached the finals conference for ten consecutive years, and seven times take champion. After six years of retirement, Father Brown in Ohio Cincinnati to reinvent the wheel, the establishment of the tigers, and invented the "Ohio River attack", the West Coast offense's predecessor. Coach Sam wyche took over the tigers, he advocated the use of no poly business offensive to "bomb" esiason became one of the league's generation in fast pass master, but their untimely, met the Paul Brown's big disciple, Bill Walsh and the west coast of 49 people. Followed for up to ten years of darkness, even Dick Loeb wait for master of defense cannot save the tiger until they find Marvin Lewis.

Cincinnati Bengals Jersey : Wholesale Jerseys Lewis, as manager before, once served as the crow and the Steelers defensive coach, Paul and the brown is similar to the Miao. Before the six season only reached the playoffs a hardship, boss, Mike - Brown (Paul Brown's son) played a key role, not only did not fired from a trace of Lewis's idea, and also give the Lewis signings for the degrees of freedom and the right to decide. Imagine, Brown - Mike, general manager of the post, after poor performance, given the coach more rights, this is how broad minded. Lewis reciprocated, the next six years, five into the playoffs, and even hard to get a win, Lewis became the tiger team history wins (105) up to the boss.

Of course, Lewis success is not a ripe, at your fingertips, he is a paranoid mad, often all night to be in the video analysis room to take notes, which makes him from a defensive coach in transition to become a comprehensive coach and youth mentor. About character, perhaps early failure Let Lewis became gloomy, but he seldom loses his temper, or he is good at adjusting pendulum subordinates, his assistant everybody is like warlords, like harsh, but like a kind father smiling, very adept at playing psychological, let the players beholden Heil. The league in the Redskins coach Jay - Gruden, Vikings coach Mike - Zimmer, pirates defensive coordinator Leslie Fraser, former dolphins defensive coordinator Kevin - coyer have in the hands of Lewis post and Hugh's current offensive and defensive assistant - wholesale Cincinnati Bengals jerseys china - Gunther are Lewis cultivate ridgepole, all of that, Lewis was also a tireless teacher and also that Lewis is for the team and the league's influence.

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